Sacred Economics – Charles Eisenstein

Amsterdam in 1982

The Cove


Did you every visit Sea World or a similar theme park with dolphins and other sea animals? If you find out where these happy dolphins actually come from, you’ll be amazed!



Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds


Next level.

What the Bleep do we Know?

From Farm To Fridge


Enjoy the trip.

What is your excuse (Dutch subs)

Raise your hand if you’re vegan! If not, raise your standards

Food Matters

One quarter of what you eat, keeps you alive. The other three quarters, keep the doctors alive.

Since you are what you eat, food does matter.


Food Inc.

Why is fast food and food products with a lower quality are cheaper than “healthy” food? Is it just a coincidence? What is the food business about and what are the consequences of eating “bad” food? What do nutrition and health have in common and how does the pharmaceutical industry earns money from the food industry? Where does my food come from?

These questions and more are answered in Food Inc. If you like to know the truth about your food and how you can make a difference, you definitely have to see this documentary!


Swastika – BBC’s story

@ 26:55
I think the dialogue is really really important. We talk a lot about what separates us but hopefully we can use this symbol to come together and talk about the things that we have in common…

Spirit Science



How good is Milk for me?